I’m an essayist, poet, and journalist; a songwriter, keyboardist, and next-generation Dylanologist; a leftist golfer, cat guy, gender traitor into public transportation and social justice.

Originally from the better side of Orlando, I’ve lived in Chicago, NorCal, Tallahassee where I earned an M.A. in Lit, and now Boston. I came here for my M.F.A. in Nonfiction, from Emerson College, and stayed for the exorbitant cost of living. In 2019, my husband Peter, our cat Florence, and I all moved to Salem, Massachusetts, though I still commute into Beantown to serve in the Adjunct Army.

I teach writing, literature, and journalism at three or four institutions, depending on the semester. All the while, I’m developing a manuscript–a narrative journey toward a next-generation Dylanology. Follow me @paulhaney.

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